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NV Acquires Jiffy Charge - A micro real estate marketplace
to build the world's largest private communication network

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Nucleus Vision 2.0

A Retail DeFi Loan Platform
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ION sensor

ION Sensor

Nucleus Vision’s ION Sensor is the first technology layer of Nucleus Vision that is adapted in a plug and play model. It will enable retailers to capture customer data in brick-and-mortar stores in real time.




Coupled with the ION Sensor, the Nucleus Vision Neuron (retailer dashboard) provides granular insights on consumer shopfloor behaviour, and the ability to run contextual product campaigns instantly.


nCash Pay

nCash Pay

Capitalize on the world's largest digital asset community. Sell your products across 70+ countries at ZERO transaction fee.


O2O marketing

O2O Marketing

Our patented O2O marketing system allows your brand to truly leverage the benefits of customer targeting across online and offline channels, without the investment of setting up a full fledged omnichannel infrastructure.


Case Study

Winback high-value churned customers with advanced RFM & product recommendations

From Kids Store

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Company Updates

Nucleus Vision Community Update

Nucleus Vision: Roundup - November 2019

I would first extend my thanks to everyone for supporting Nucleus Vision and the team. Dimensions of the global retail sector are rapidly changing as the buying capacity of consumers is increasing and competition is getting more aggressive.

05 December 2019
Network-agnostic Single Sign-On System

Nucleus Vision Launches Global Identity and Consent (GIDC) Blockchain Network

Nucleus Vision has launched a private blockchain — the Global Identity and Consent (GIDC) network at Genesis DevCon Nov 2019, Bengaluru, India. The blockchain network gives power to users to control who can access their data.

29 November 2019