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Winback high-value churned customers with advanced RFM & product recommendations

The brand is one of the leading kids fashion brand and have enjoyed the monopoly in the segment. Lately the brand is facing stiff competition from international brands who have recently launched their product line in kids segment.

Customer segment footfall




Repeat & Loyal

The Challenge

The brand has launched the entire range of new products for kids from the the age of 2-10 years. Their objectives was - Acquire the churned by showcasing them new range

The Solution

Nucleus Vision identified each walkin customer using ION sensor technology, recognized customer, lifetime value, preferred products by applying advanced RFM and predictive analysis.

A personalized communication was created for every customer inside & outside the store

Store staff was trained to consume real time information about customer to assist customers in shopping

Customer segmentation approach

Nucleus Vision identified high-value churned customers and their preferences based on advanced RFM analysis.

The customers targeted for the campaign are High value churned or high propensity to churn customers

37% churned & high propensity of churn base from overall base of high value customers

Nucleus Vision Case Study

The Campaign

Three pronged campaign approach was taken

1 Invite: All the customers were sent personalized invite to preview the special range of products and get attractive offers. The tailor made offers were generated from the Nucleus Vision predictive modeling & RFM

2 Engage in the store: Store staff personally attended customers & gave recommendations based on past purchase history & staff received customer profile information, preferred products, potential to purchase & offer details immediately when customer walks-in

3 Re-engage: Once customer leaves the store, another communication was sent to customer to visit again & online store details

The Creatives

1 Invite

Personalized Invite to Customers

Send personalized invite to customers enticing them to visit the store.

2 Engage in the store

Promotional Messages

Send promotional messages with tailored recommendations & discounts in real time, based on the customer insights.

3 Re-engage after store visit

Re-engage Visitors

Encourage the offline shoppers/footfalls to shop online on your e-commerce platform.


Company Updates

Network-agnostic Single Sign-On System

Network-agnostic Single Sign-On System: New Patented Technology from Nucleus Vision

Nucleus Vision launches an innovative Single Sign-On (SSO) solution (Patent No: 10397787) to enable a secure, hassle-free customer authentication. The solution is unique for being network-agnostic and eliminates the need for difficult passwords and one-time passwords (OTP) by leveraging a telecom-partner network.

11 November 2019
Nucleus Vision Community Update

Nucleus Vision: Roundup — October 2019

Nucleus Vision has started off the last quarter of the year with significant progress in all aspects of its business. This exhilarating journey wouldn’t be possible without the support of our vast global community. I thank each one of you for being with us!

5 November 2019