Our CEO, Abhishek Pitti, wants to share what’s happening in the Nucleus Vision and keep you up to speed with the latest developments. In this video, Abhishek addresses five key things:

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In the above video, our CEO describes how Nucleus Vision is trying to solve three key problems for retailers:

We’re working with 15 brands and abiding by their communication policies. So we’re waiting for them to do additional PR for us. We are working to improve the model based on the data insights that we are gathering from these pilot projects:

We are continuously learning from the data and devising new strategies to increase customer acquisition, enhance and improve customer loyalty, and other such ways we can further develop our recommendation models.

Avinash Pitti with Times Jobs

India’s leading job portal, Times Jobs, invited our CTO, Avinash Pitti, to a HighTea session with students studying STEM. During the interactive chat session, Avinash answered questions from these students about the career opportunities in the growing field of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Here’s the link to the transcript

In the News: Abhishek’s Interview with Blokt

In his interview with the leading blockchain and cryptocurrency magazine, Blokt, our CEO, Abhishek Pitti, shared some interesting things about Nucleus Vision’s journey and what lies on the road ahead. He also shed light on the underlying technologies of our solution. You can read this interview here

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We are what we are today because of the continual support from our community. Here are just a few of the best compliments we have received recently on social media.

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