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Abhishek Pitti,

Founder & CEO,
Nucleus Vision

Message from the CEO:


Another fabulous month has wrapped up as Nucleus Vision made some progressive moves that strengthened the company’s core. I sincerely appreciate your support and patience, as the company is making a strategic maneuver to disrupt the humongous retail industry. We are making sure each step we are taking will enhance our footprint and add more value to the vast global community of Nucleus Vision. We will be updating the community on the crucial developments after the due diligence. Keep supporting us!

59th SKOCH Summit - Jai Hind: Practising Cyber Patriotism

At the 59th SKOCH Summit held in New Delhi, Abhishek Pitti, CEO of Nucleus Vision, highlighted the need for a strong foundation for startup economy to flourish in the Indian Blockchain ecosystem. Skoch Group is a leading think-tank that deals with socio-economic matters, focusing on inclusive growth. The group has instituted some of the India’s highest independent civilian honors in governance, technology, economics, finance, and social sectors.

In his address to the attendees at the event Jai Hind: Practising Cyber Patriotism, Abhishek emphasized the importance of creating Indian blockchain networks for controlling fraud and corruption in governance and administration.

Abhishek Pitti said, “Cyber patriotism is all about intelligence; intelligence that a country can develop based on data. Being one of the leading internet consumers in the world, India is generating massive amounts of data each minute. The emerging technologies like Blockchain are still in their nascent stages and it is the right time for India to build a new data infrastructure."

He also shed some light on the background of Nucleus Vision and how the company is emerging as a disrupter in the retail industry. Abhishek said that the company partnered with technology giants like Tech Mahindra and educational institutions to pioneer the digital revolution 3.0.

The Talking Block : Avinash Pitti Talks about the Growth Trajectory of Nucleus Vision

In the Talking Block podcast hosted by Raghu Mohan (CEO, IBC Media), Nucleus Vision CTO, Avinash Pitti, threw some light on the checkered journey of the company since its inception and its future course of action.

At the leading edge of technology, Nucleus Vision emerges as one of those tech firms that convenes Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Blockchain. When a product encapsulates a broad class of emerging tech, each contributing arm, needs paramount attention and skill.

Avinash Pitti says that there were three main criteria that tech firms are aiming to solve : Scalability, Security and Talent. From increasing the customer base to onboarding more retailers to collaborate with them, from increasing the number of partnerships internationally to have a global presence to building a product that is easy to integrate - all efforts directed towards greater adoption.

Tune into the Talking Block podcast here:

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ION Sensor Performance: In-store Analytics

Nucleus Vision technology is helping retailers increase sales conversions with actionable insights into in-store customers. Here’s a snapshot of some of those data analytics that we are offering our partners:

Our retailer-partners can now understand weekly footfall trends in their stores. The graph below shows the weekly footfall trends for the past three months, implying that footfall count is more in the last week of every month.

During the last three months, weekends alone (Saturdays and Sundays) attracted 42% of the total walk-ins.

Power hours occur from 6 pm to 8 pm on any given day of the week. This metric helps retailers planning their human resources.

On average, visitors in retail stores are spending more than 35 minutes.

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