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Abhishek Pitti,

Founder & CEO,
Nucleus Vision

Message from the CEO:

"The humongous size of the retail industry has left so many problems unsolved, creating enormous opportunities for problem-solvers. Nucleus Vision, with a great vision for bringing a paradigm shift in the in-store customer engagement model, is emerging as a key player with path-breaking innovations. More details in this regard will be shared with the community soon.

The company is reporting continual progress as it expands operations to new geographies and verticals with more partners coming aboard. As Nucleus Vision continues to grow, we are revamping our website and other digital channels to reflect our progress that entails our broader vision. The team at Nucleus Vision is working relentlessly to make the product more compact and retailer-friendly. The community will be updated soon through our official communication channels.

I extend a big thank you to all the community members and retailer-partners for being a part of our journey."

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Martin Dudley

Chief Marketing Officer, Nucleus Vision

Martin Dudley on Utility of nCash:

"nCash has been and will always be a utility token that plays a key role in driving mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency in our day-to-day life. Nucleus Vision is making decisive steps to complement the utility of nCash in the retail ecosystem. As part of this, the company will be rolling out the much anticipated universal loyalty program in Korea, Singapore, and Japan by Q4 2019.

We are working on ways to increase the utility of nCash globally and will be communicating to you with a new product that will deliver the requests of you, our community, on this aspect. Watch this space !!!"

In his video message to the community, Martin Dudley, CMO of Nucleus Vision, shared a future course of action for increasing the utility of nCash.

Nucleus Vision Knowledge Bank:

As a revolutionary, emerging technology company in the retail industry, we feel a responsibility to help retailers and community members understand the latest industry trends and how they can use Nucleus Vision technology for a competitive advantage. For this, we have started a “Knowledge Bank” with deep insights from industry thought leaders, including Abhishek Pitti, Martin Dudley, Avinash Pitti, and Nishtha Rohatgi from Nucleus Vision, as well as veterans from across industries. As part of this initiative, we had published some articles that got great traction and responses.

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ION Sensor Performance: Half-Yearly In-store Analytics

In January 2019, we launched 4G enabled ION Sensors, which helped us reach a wider retail customer base. The performance of these sensors has been exceptional in identifying more than 270,000 unique customers in the first half of 2019, taking the total count to half-a-million. With actionable insights into in-store customers, Nucleus Vision technology is helping retailers increase sales conversions. Here’s the snapshot of some of those data analytics that we are offering our partners:

Our retailer-partners can now understand weekly footfall trends in their stores. The graph above shows the weekly footfall trends for the past six months, implying that store visits are more in the last week of every month.

During the last six months, weekends alone (Saturdays and Sundays) attracted 43% of the total walk-ins.

Power hours occur from 6 pm to 8 pm on any given day of the week. This metric helps retailers planning their human resources.

On average, visitors in retail stores are spending 34 minutes.

40% of visitors are spending less than 20 minutes in the retail stores.

Feedback from Retail Shoppers:

"When I entered the store, I received a message from Nucleus Vision with a discount coupon, and I redeemed it. I'm satisfied with the discount and this encourages me to do shop offline."
- Mukesh Armeja

"I was excited with the additional 15% discount I received from Nucleus Vision. It was a good shopping experience." - Vikash

“This is an unexpected saving to my wallet. Thanks for the discount, this should be at every store I shop at.” - Jaydeep

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