Nucleus Vision has had an exhilarating month of June as the company made major product enhancements and is making significant progress, expanding its global footprint. Here is a roundup of June-2019 to keep you abreast of the latest updates from Nucleus Vision:

Nucleus Vision Launches Retailer Dashboard

Nucleus Vision has unveiled Retailer Dashboard to enable brick-and-mortar stores to access real-time customer analytics. Using the dashboard, offline retailers can now segment customers into various categories — including new, repeat, loyal, churned, and high propensity to churn and run targeted campaigns. For more details about the product, read here.

Watch how the dashboard helps offline retailers enhance the customer experience in their physical stores:

Rundown of Abhishek’s Interaction with the Community

Nucleus Vision is expanding its horizon with global partnerships and initiatives, which will add to the utility of nCash. Following the success of several pilots, Nucleus Vision will be expanding its technology to thousands of new locations. In the later phases of these partnerships, the company is going to launch the interoperable loyalty program to unleash the full potential of nCash token.
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SMEs & High-End Technologies

SMEs are quickly adopting digital technologies to accelerate business growth and profitability. Globally, young startups like Nucleus Vision are driving the internet-led ecosystem through unique set of technology solutions, catering to the needs of SMEs. In his interview with Kepler Finance, Abhishek Pitti, CEO of Nucleus Vision, underscores how emerging technologies like AI, IoT, and Blockchain are opening new doors for SMEs. Read More

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Abhishek Pitti,

CEO of Nucleus Vision

Nucleus Vision Rising!

“As fashionable as the Harvard dropout tag is, I ditched it to take Nucleus Vision to greater heights. We survived the bear market and we're here to stay. Nucleus Vision is taking things to the next level & here's what's been brewing in my time at Harvard. Here’s why I’m excited about the future and you should be too”

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The team at Nucleus Vision is working with a great energy on all fronts including sensor development, telecom, software, and marketing. The company is working on several major initiatives to add more utility to nCash and also to create a robust ecosystem.

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