Easy Adoption

Simple Execution


Technology agnostic, no dependency on app, Bluetooth, Wifi, RFID or facial recognition.

Works on the principle of EASE - Easy Adoption, Simple Execution. Three years of product research and development have eliminated barriers to entry of product adoption.


Keep data secure. Sends information transmission over blockchain.

Based on globally accepted telecom protocols of data and hardware security. Follows stringent telecom regulations of data access and transmission.

Plug n play

Easy to install, just plug it to power outlet and ION will make your store living.

Instant Implementation for retailers and consumer-facing businesses. Start gaining customer intelligence from the first instance. Helps businesses to instantly become part of the extensive Nucleus Vision-enabled network of partners.

Remote Management

Intuitive control panel interface. ION network management is at your fingertips.

EMS Management Server for FCAP (fault-management, configuration, accounting, performance, and security) functionality. It takes away the overheads of physical infrastructure management and offers exhaustive controls for remote management.


ION sensor is built on robust telecom grade hardware.

Built on one of the industries most advanced sensor platform. Fully compliant with telecom industry HW spec standards. Capable of identifying multiple unique IDs in microseconds.