Discover Nucleus Vision

IoT . Blockchain . Neural Models . nCash

ION, Nucleus’s proprietary IoT sensor

  • Instantly identifies customer within a 200 meter radius.
  • Senses temperature, pressure, motion, acceleration, and sound.
  • Captures invisible dark data.

NEURON, Deep Learning platform

  • State-of-the-art, deep learning platform.
  • Gleans data from ION & ORBIT.
  • Creates real-time customer personas.

ORBIT, Blockchain information exchange

  • Blockchain-based information exchange, storage & authorization.
  • Enables transactions among Nucleus’s partners & customers.
  • Connects Nucleus with global crypto-economy.

nCash, Utility Token

  • Cryptocurrency-based loyalty & redemption programs.
  • Interchangeable loyalty rewards across global partners.
  • Loyalty reward conversion in traditional currencies.



BASICST2S4 is Nucleus Vision’s proprietary twelve layer deep technology stack,
developed over three years by the Nucleus Vision team. See how BASICST2S4 brings Nucleus Vision to life.